Significance of Music

Sometimes I devalue music. Yes, even I, the piano teacher, sometimes ask myself the question “How can music be of significance in today’s society?” It’s an easy question to ask in today’s world where schools are cutting out non-academics, where the growing market is behind tech and computers, where feelings are underrated and “messy”, and a bunch of other reasons, etc.

BUT! As I have grown as a pianist, musician, and teacher, I have come to notice all the small (and big!) ways music impacts me and my environment. Music is so incredibly valuable and so powerful, and I have grown to appreciate it increasingly so. Music does many things, and it does so in unobtrusive ways.

Here are some examples:

  • Music inspires and empowers students
  • Music transforms society by impacting students and listeners.
  • Music reminds us to slow down our daily rushing around. Music reminds us to enjoy beauty and appreciate the nuances of life.
  • Music heals and helps us rebalance ourselves, just like yoga, deep breathing, massages, or spa trips – i.e. meditation music
  • Music reconnects us to our emotions and our soul, hence allowing us to feel. And by reminding us to feel, music teaches us to be human again. – i.e. worship music at church, “scary” music in TV shows or movies, etc.
  • Music helps us remember certain advertisements or events better – i.e. the theme song for NFL, the jingle for Nationwide, etc.

What have you noticed for yourself? How have you found music and/or piano shaping or influencing your everyday life? Interested in embracing piano more in your weekly life? Contact Belinda.

Why Teach Music

Belinda Juang is a piano teacher who is also involved in the mental health community in San Diego, CA. You can read more about her here.

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