Thank you for being an innovative and patient piano teacher! We are thrilled to have you as their teacher!

Sara J.

“My daughter and I are really lucky to get to know Belinda. We like the way she teaches and the method she uses to encourage parents to understand their kids in their learning to play piano. She is a special teacher and is very good. Thank you!”

SoYoung L.

“I am very happy with Belinda’s nurturing teaching style and the professional manner with which she conducts business. My daughter is always excited for her lessons and has been steadily improving over the past year.”

Jessica R.

My kids love Ms. Belinda! She is kind and patient and knows how to motivate students to improve. Students are making great progress. Thank you!

Kim W.

My children have really enjoyed taking piano and look forward to lesson each week, and are always excited to come. I have seen big improvements from each of them in a short time.

Nicole M.

My son has been Belinda’s student for several years. She established very friendly working environment so my son, with her help, developed true love toward piano and classic music. She was able to prepare him well for couple local competitions where he did really well. She dedicated extra time to be sure he was ready. She seeks parent involvement and values parent’s feedback. Thank you Belinda!

Vedka B.

“Belinda uses encouragements to help my son focus and put more care into his practice and performance. Having lessons with her has really changed his attitude about piano.”

Ted T.

“Belinda’s so thoughtful and patient – and she really understands how to engage my daughter in piano. She uses these practical metaphors and points out easy patterns in the music so learning and practicing piano isn’t as dreary of a task.”

Jason L.

“Thank you Belinda for all the efforts you put into Emily’s piano lessons. She really has enjoyed learning from you. Both Emily and my wife say that you’re a great teacher!”

Nan W.

“Belinda is always so patient when working with my children. I have no idea how she does that. She provides them with genuine encouragements all while having high standards of learning.”

Eric R.