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Belinda Juang is the owner of and piano instructor at Belinda’s Piano Studio located in San Diego, CA. She received her dual bachelor’s degrees in piano performance and psychology from the University of Michigan. She is a member of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and CAPMT (California Association of Professional Music Teachers) District 1.

Belinda has been teaching classical piano privately since 2010 to children ages 5 and up and is thrilled to be able to pass along her love of music to each of her students. One of Belinda’s favorite aspects about teaching piano is highlighting student’s strengths and transforming them into outstanding, confident individuals and performers. Belinda strongly believes that the study of piano and classical music can serve as a solid foundation to appreciating all genres of music and developing emotional awareness and various other character skills.

One of Belinda’s favorite aspects about teaching piano is highlighting student’s strengths and transforming struggling students into outstanding, confident individuals and performers.

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As the Greek philosopher says, “The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself,” yet Belinda finds that knowing oneself is central to musical growth. Piano lessons at Belinda’s Piano Studio are not only about learning piano, but also about developing individuals into mindful, musically imaginative, and self-motivated, diligent learners. Belinda’s Piano Studio teaches with 3 main goals in mind:

  1. to engage students in a way that nurtures their interest and respect for music
  2. to empower students through creativity and increased emotional awareness
  3. to enhance students’ and their family’s life through the creative energy of music

As an Asian American, Belinda teaches with a mix of Western and Eastern values. Belinda understands and respects the need for balancing structure and allowing individual freedom, and she spends time in her lessons listening to and helping each student find their own balance between creative individuality and discipline.

In addition to her bicultural experience, Belinda is deeply fascinated by the intersections of psychology, neurology, and music. Beyond learning to  read music, learning piano is about understanding the way one thinks (also known as metacognition). Belinda challenges her students to self-motivate, critique, and problem-solve difficulties in their pieces. She highlights how music and attitudes impact emotions and moods and she provides students with alternative options.

Ultimately, piano lessons serve as a way to equip students not only to develop their artistic skills and emotional sensitivities, but also to help them achieve their personal goals and dreams. Learning piano requires patience and can be difficult at times, but, in the end, it should be an enjoyable activity!

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