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Belinda Juang has been teaching and molding students into music-loving, award-winning piano students for the last 9 years. Belinda maintains a private piano studio in Carmel Valley, San Diego, CA and loves transforming her students’ lives into a more colorful, fun, and creative experience through classical music. Belinda’s additional interest in psychology further enhances her knowledge and shapes how she engages with students. Read more about her Teaching Philosophy here. Contact Belinda at 858-876-5532 or bjpiano89@gmail.com for lesson information.

Belinda’s Piano Studio teaches with 3 main goals in mind:

  1. to develop students with a love and respect for music and musical expression
  2. to empower students through creativity and increase emotional awareness through music
  3. to enhance students’ and their family’s life through the colors and creative energy of music

♫  The key to a successful life lies in a healthy mind and heart, and Belinda seeks to nurture both through music ♫

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Studio Spring 2019 Recital Picture


It was such a delight for more new students to join in the May recital this year and have a chance to show the musical skills they have been developing! What a wonderful afternoon of music 🙂 As always, a big Thank You! to all students’ parents who have regularly supported your child’s practice and learning – you are a big part of your child’s success and enjoyment in learning piano!

For current student and parents, please access MyMusicStaff parent/student portal via this link: My Music Staff Parent Portal

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“I am very happy with Belinda’s nurturing teaching style and the professional manner with which she conducts business. My daughter is always excited for her lessons and has been steadily improving over the past year.”

Jessica R.

“My daughter and I are really lucky to get to know Belinda. We like the way she teaches and the method she uses to encourage parents to understand their kids in their learning to play piano. She is a special teacher and is very good. Thank you!”

SoYoung L.