Virtual Recitals & 100 Pieces Winner!

Lots of exciting news the last 4 months in Belinda’s Piano Studio…

  • Virtual Recital 1: 2020 Summer Recital

  • 100 Pieces Journey of Treble Clef
    • Since May of 2019, the Studio has had an incentive called the “100 Pieces Journey of Treble Clef.” Belinda has been keeping track of all the pieces students have been learning and completing over the months.
    • Violet L., who has been taking piano lessons for the last 2 years with Belinda, was the 1st to complete the 100 Pieces Journey incentive! Congratulations to Violet!

  • Virtual Recital 2: 2020 Halloween Recital
    • Since Halloween this year is a little different with social distancing and other precautions, Ms. Belinda decided it would be fun for students and families to have another short, Halloween-themed recital. Student families were invited to watch the video together on a Zoom screen share on Halloween morning!
    • Here’s the link for those who are curious:

Stay tuned for more fun events happening in the near future!

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