Fall Newsletter 2018

Dear piano families,

May this season be joyful, not too stressful, and restful for you as you each enjoy time with family. As a friendly reminder, there will be no lessons from Dec. 21 to Jan. 6! You are still welcome to email or text me if you have any concerns that come up during that time but the studio will be closed otherwise. I will see everyone back for piano lessons starting on Monday, January 7. Here are some memorable times from the last few months. Please enjoy!

Belinda Juang

Studio Winter Recital Highlights

All students who participated in the studio recital along with Ms. Belinda.

Thank you to those of you who were able to participate in the studio recital! While I am proud of all students and their performances, I am particularly proud of the students who have not performed in public before and those who have just begun learning piano the last 3 months. I am glad these students were brave enough to prepare for and play in the recital!

I want to specifically thank the parents of the students who rehearsed and performed duets for the recital. Thank you for taking out extra time during your weeks to help your child succeed. While practicing duets is time-consuming, playing duets helps to challenge and better your child’s rhythmic awareness and listening skills!

Thank you to those of you who also put aside time to communicate with me about your child’s needs. When you share how practice is going at home, it  helps shape weekly piano lessons to better support home practice. (Ideally, your child should be practicing 30 minutes 5-6 days a week!)

New Students & Student Achievements

Please join me in welcoming new students Hunter, McRae, Charlotte, William, Kaeden, Ava, Violet, and Audrey to the studio since the last newsletter! It has been an absolute delight working with each of these students and their families. They are all doing amazing work and becoming wonderful musicians. I look forward to continuing to teach and help each of them become musically-sensitive individuals.

20 Piece Challenge

Since joining, some students have already reached the studio goal of learning 20 pieces of a certain length. Congratulations to these students!

  • For learning 20 songs that are at least 8 measures long…
    • Vienna
    • William
    • Audrey
  • For learning 20 songs that are at least 12 measures long…
    • Sara
  • For learning 20 songs that are at least 16 measures long…
    • Jake
    • Alyssa
  • For learning 20 songs that are at least 20 measures long…
    • Kenan

Local Events

Congratulations to Kenan for memorizing 2 pieces and receiving 1st place in his level for CAPMT Young Artist Competition in October!
Leah dressed in her Halloween costume and playing in the MTNA Studio Festival.
Jake dressed as Chewbacca and playing in the MTNA Studio Festival.
Audrey creating her own variation of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Brief Overview of Upcoming Events

  • Jan. 7 – Lessons Restart
  • Feb. 12 – MDP Spring Exams Registration Deadline
  • Feb. 17 – CAPMT Romantic Music Winter Festival (application due Feb. 3)
  • March 11-15 – Parent-Teacher Phone Conferences
  • April 6-13 – Studio Closed, Spring Break
  • April 27 – CAPMT Young Protege Competition
  • May – Belinda’s Studio Recital (specific date to be decided)
  • May 18 – CAPMT Pop Festival
  • May 25-31 – Studio Closed, Memorial Week Break
  • June 9 – CAPMT Honors Recital & Gala

View the original newsletter here: https://mailchi.mp/dac5d1ecfdaf/belindas-piano-studio-fall-newsletter-7989366

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